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Number of drug information service qualification certificate: (Hubei)-non-operating-2010-0061
Project cooperation

Our company has following environmental friendly recycle product with practical industrial application value. We seek for long-term cooperative partner. For quotation and details, please contact with us.

Product name

Annual output

Main content


Transportation method

dilute nitric acid

3500 ton/year

nitric acid(HNO3): 30%-40%

hydrochloric acid
nitrous acid
oxalic acid

tank car

fluorine-containing hydrochloric acid

200 ton/year

hydrochloric acid (HCl): 30%

phosphoric acid
hydrofluoric acid

tank car


1800 ton/year

sodium sulfate (Na2SO4): 80%

sodium formate

woven bag

Contact Tel: +86-713-5072428

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